The 328m (1076 feet) Sky Tower is the pride and joy of the Auckland skyline. Living up to its name, the tower dwarfs all surrounding buildings by comparison.

It was first opened on March 3, 1997 after 2.5 years of construction by Fletcher Construction and Beca Group. The main rocket-like structure of the tower is a reinforced concrete shaft measuring 12 metres in diameter. It is supported by eight reinforced concrete ‘legs’ at the base, connected to the shaft by a concrete collar and designed to spread force load. Read more at Localist Auckland.

A list of interesting facts about the Sky Tower can be found at Skycity Auckland and a photo gallery at Archilovers.

Part of the SKYCITY Auckland casino complex, the Sky Tower offers breathtaking views for up to 80 kilometres in every direction.

A panoramic view from the top of the Tower is available here.

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