On this day 87 years ago the first Hollywood film was released that used the new technology of sound throughout while being, in addition, filmed outdoors in mostly authentic locations. Its name: In Old Arizona, its directors: Irving Cummings and Raoul Walsh, its success: five Academy Rewards, including Best Picture. A major innovation in the history of Hollywood films, In Old Arizona tells the story of the daredevil and roguish thief the Cisco Kid – a character based on O. Henry’s short story “The Caballero’s Way” (1907) – who always manages – just about – to escape the clutches of the law in the person of Sgt. Mickey Dunn. The Kid’s liaison with the Mexican girl Tonia María nearly gets him caught when, in the last moment, he once again manages to twist destiny in his favour.

The movie’s premiere was in Los Angeles on 25 December 1928.

Movie details can be consulted at the Internet Movie Database. The film can be watched here.


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