The Times, London’s oldest running newspaper, was actually founded by John Walter on January 1, 1785, as The Daily Universal Register. It became The Times on January 1, 1788, publishing commercial news and notices, along with some scandal. The founder’s son, John Walter II, took over the newspaper in 1803. He expanded it from 4 pages to 12 large pages, and, by the time control of the paper passed to his son, John Walter III, in 1848, the foundations of The Times’s reputation as Britain’s preeminent national journal and daily historical record had been laid. Read more at Encyclopædia Britannica.

On July 15, 2010 The Times published its 70,000 issue, the only national title in the English-speaking world to have reached that number. More information about it here.

A Timeline of British Newspapers is available at the News Media Association.

the times  first edition

Edition 1 January 1, 1785 The Daily Universal Register: a “New Paper” is published. Source: The Times