Carol Reed, the director of acclaimed films such as The Third Man, was born on this day 109 years ago. He was noted for his technical mastery of the suspense-thriller genre and was the first British film director to be knighted. Read more about Carol Reed at Encyclopædia Britannica and at Screenonline.

The Third Man (1949) is widely reckoned his masterpiece. It was shot in Vienna and featured well-known attractions such as The Ferris Wheel but also the darker side of the city like the sewers.The film received overwhelming praise and is until today hailed as a masterpiece. In 1949 it won the Grand Prix at Cannes Film Festival and the BAFTA for Best British Film. The following year it would win an Oscar for Best Black-and-White Cinematography. In 1999 the British Film Institute selected The Third Man as the best British film of the 20th century. More information about The Third Man at AMC Filmsite and at The Third Man Museum. You can check out the Location shots in Vienna of The Third Man and  take a tour through  them.

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ferris wheel

 The Viennese Giant Wheel is a surviving example of nineteenth-century Ferris wheels and is one of the many Viennese landmarks featured in The Third Man. Copyright: PR